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Branding and mistakes many small businesses are making

Many small businesses have never had time to think about branding and create a cohesive brand strategy. Many treat it as a last priority and if not completely neglect branding aspect delay it greatly.

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Ymart success at Small Business Forum 2015

On Nov 15th Ymart presented itself at Small Business Forum held by Enterprise Toronto at Toronto Metro Convention Center.We are very happy to say that Ymart first public appearance was a great success

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What I need to start selling on Ymart?
What are Ymart fees?
How to set up shipping and taxes
How many products can I list on Ymart?
Are there any restrictions for selling on Ymart?
Can I sell my service on Ymart?
For how long my products will be listed on Ymart?
Can I sell used products?
Who can write to Resource section of Ymart?
Is Ymart a non-profit organization?

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Read How to Sell section before you start selling.

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My Ymart

  • My Account: your personal information; Facebook login and password reset
  • Personal Profile: create and manage your data required for making transactions on Ymart   
  • Shopping Cart
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Order History
  • My Purchases: shows recent and all purchases, complete and incomplete orders and outstanding payments
  • Favourite Sellers
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  • My Store: your store setup
  • Store Orders: see all your orders and their status, change order status
  • Manage products: list your products/services and manage inventory
  • Feedback: see your consumers’ feedback
  • Analytics: helpful information and statistics about your business on Ymart    
  • Messages: contains your Ymart communications 
  • Contacts: contains contact information of sellers and buyers you selected on Ymart      
  • My Content: links to all your content posted in Ymart Forum and Resources 

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